About Uma Uma Ramen

Originating from Fukuoka, Japan, Uma Uma Ramen has more than 60 years of ramen-making experience behind them.

Uma Uma Ramen’s name stems from “Wu Maru”, a Ramen shop established in 1953 by the father of Uma Uma Ramen’s current President, Masahiko Teshima. Upon taking over “Wu Maru” in 1994, Teshima-san renamed the venture “Uma Uma Ramen”; a play on the original name of the restaurant as well as a pun on the Japanese word for “tasty”.

100% MSG-Free, Pure Umami!

Uma Uma Ramen’s broth is made from pork bones. They are cooked over high heat for between 10 to 12 hours to unlock the flavors held in the bones into the broth. This method gives the soup its characteristic richness. The robust flavours infused in the broth through hours of cooking also means that no MSG is needed to enhance the soup.


Nestled along the bustling Nihon Food Street at Millenia Walk, the venue boasts 3 sections within – bar counter seats, indoor seating area and a large al fresco area that is perfect for a celebratory round of drinks, a casual dinner or an after work tipple. Channeling a modern chic and laidback vibe, the interior of the restaurant balances an avant-garde arrangement of raw wood walls, timber furniture and traditional Japanese décor. Uma Uma, Izakaya restaurant and bar features grilled Yakitori and Kushikatsu, with cocktails and drinks by Horse’s Mouth and Hakata-styled Ramen from Uma Uma Ramen.

Uma Uma Ramen is one part of Iki Concepts, a Singaporean F&B company made up of three Japanese establishments. They are: Japanese fine-dining restaurant, Kaiseki Yoshiyuki, craft cocktail bar The Horse’s Mouth, and family-friendly Uma Uma Ramen.

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